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The employment contract is usually for two years and can be renewed at the discretion of both parties. Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Overtime Pay will be determined by the host country’s labor rules. The company is required to offer the employee with an employment risk insurance policy.

Other benefits given by the host country’s labor legislation must also be supplied to the worker. The master employment contract will regulate all other employer-employee issues.


For the employer’s evaluation and ultimate selection, we seek and pre-select applicants. When a foreign company comes to conduct interview of the pre-selected staff, this is quite valuable. If a face-to-face interview is not possible, a telephone interview can be arranged. Testing may be done at TESDA (Technical Skills & Development Authority), a private testing institution certified by the Bangladesh Bureau of Manpower & Employment (BMET). The applicant’s ability is supported by a skill evaluation certificate. The foreign employer will then offer a job to a candidate who has passed the final selection, subject to the applicant’s willingness. Following the acceptance of the job offer, the candidate will be subjected to medical and laboratory assessments. With the BAIRA, Labor Force handles all of the legal paperwork. At this time, the foreign employer must apply for the applicant’s appropriate type of visa.


If applicable, the foreign employer must provide the worker a Certificate of Release when the employment agreement has expired.

Power Of Attorney

Labor Force may be authorized by the employer in the form of a Power of Attorney to secure visas for the designated workers in Bangladesh. The Labour Attache or an authorized officer of the Bangladesh Embassy/Mission in the host nation must confirm the Power of Attorney, which includes the Demand Letter.

Visa Advice/NOC/Work Permit

Labor Force receives documents providing approval from the competent government in the country of employment for the acquisition of Bangladeshi employees in the form of Visa Advice/NOC/Work Permit.

Employment Agreement/Contract

The employer may provide their own Proforma of Employment Agreement together with the Demand Letter, Visa/NOC/Work Permit, and Power of Attorney, but it must comply with Bangladesh’s local recruiting and employment norms and standards. Annex-‘D’ contains a sample of an employment agreement.

Issuance Of Demand Letter

Foreign firms may send a Demand Letter to Labor Force specifying the kind and category of workers required, as well as the conditions of service and benefits the company wishes to provide to the workers, and so on.

Orientation Before Departure

Before the employees are dispatched, Labor Force provides them with a short orientation and pre-departure briefing. The employer is welcomed to attend the orientation session as well. Workers are instructed on their tasks and responsibilities, as well as their real salary, firsthand knowledge about the host country’s religious and cultural beliefs, weather, language, and work environment.

Immigration Formalities

Prior to the workers’ departure, Labor Force will get the requisite Recruitment Permission and Immigration Clearance from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET) of the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment (MoEWOE).

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