About Labor Force

Our mission is to hire Bangladeshi workers followed by Employer-Pay-Model.

The Labor Force has positioned itself as one of the top ten recruiting companies in Bangladesh’s labor business since June 1997 for its wide array of applications. It has kept up an initiative position for over 24 years of continuous advancement with several diversified business units such as manpower recruiting services, health checkup facilities, a manpower training, and testing center, real estate development services, and a travel agency. In the main four economic sectors of Bangladesh – Construction, Farming, Catering, Tailoring. The Labor Force has its resources to work with satisfaction. Today, that equal-centered talent serves our clients wherever they operate in a growing variety of areas throughout the world.

The Labor Force has established a solid presence as a recruiting consultant in the international markets. With its comprehensive and persistent efforts, our organization has established a global reputation for offshore personnel recruiting in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the other Gulf Nations.

The following are the services we offer to export our resources internationally:

  • We are a foreign worker employment provider with fewer complexities and hesitations

  • We conduct training to the unskilled and semi-skilled unemployed resources so that they can meet the needs of international clients or recruiting firms.

  • We develop a calendar for interviews with overseas recruiters during the job hunting process

  • Recruiters then conduct successful interviews using the resources to assess their competencies

  • Medical professionals do a Medical Check-Up of the personnel at our Medical Lab, including a COVID-19 test, to prevent future health difficulties

  • Following all processes and legal requirements, we will export them in accordance with the law and order of the International Labor Organization (ILO)

  • We also handle Ticketing Procedure so that the resources are not subjected to any marathons

  • Finally, we assist them with visa procedures in preparation for their departure

Labor Force is a well-known migrant Bangladeshi workforce hire service provider with extensive expertise and a solid reputation in both locally and abroad. This is a One-Stop Service Provider that exports Bangladeshi workers to the international markets only. To make this feasible, we empower unskilled and semi-skilled resources and provide proper training to help them understand their work obligations. They do not need to test them in numerous locations; instead, they may complete the entire screening procedure to manage air ticket under the same umbrella.

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