Bangladesh to Export Manpower to South Korea

Bangladesh is Desiring to Export Manpower to South Korea

Manpower exports are on the rise. In the first seven months of this year, it was feasible to deploy almost 7 lakh personnel. There is a probability that all previous records will be broken. Already, more workers have left the country than in previous years. After the COVID-19 pandemic, recruiting agencies have started sending Bangladeshi workforce to Korea, specially South Korea from September 2021 which has created a positive impact on the remittance.

People from Bangladesh's ethnic minority communities will also be allowed to find work as "seasonal" workers in South Korea's agriculture and aquaculture industries. They will be given precedence since they have a strong agricultural skill set. Due to weather demand in South Korea, this possibility is only available for 5 months. Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (Boesl) is a state-owned recruiting business that stated it in a circular released on August 10, 2022.

Aside from ethnic communities, anyone with agricultural and fishing expertise will be permitted to travel to Korea. About 4000 people will be going to Korea this year. In this condition, the Labor Force has a large number of educated and competent individuals who have received professional training. We are a recognized overseas employment firm, having praise in numerous countries. Our talented professionals are appreciated for their work ethic, which enhances Bangladesh's image. We teach our employees to adapt to various sorts of work conditions without reluctance, following the rules and regulations of the destination countries.