Bangladeshi workers for KSA, UAE and Malaysia

Work with experienced, 100% Compliance, Reliable and Result oriented International Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh.

Being a worldwide manpower export service provider, clients from local and overseas can find out trained, physically fit, and skilled resources from The Labor Force. We can access the most suitable people by analyzing their talents and providing them training if necessary. Moreover, we match the right persons to the roles through our unique screening process and latest technologies. We always adhere to the employment rules and regulations that serve the best.

Depending on the employment needs, we can prepare the resource and deploy any number of personnel while needed. We provide them with proper training, examine to see if they are medically fit to cope with the workplace environment. We export our manpower in the sectors like – Construction, Farming, Catering, Tailor in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Gulf Nations. Our primary service is manpower supply, and we make certain that we can help the host countries to get the best resources from Bangladesh.