Exporting Labor to Qatar

Bangladesh is Desiring to Export Manpower to Qatar

Qatar is one of the top importers of Bangladeshi labor. Qatar has shown interest in employing professional construction workers from Bangladesh for major development projects by the middle of 2023. It was stated in a meeting between Bangladesh and Qatar held in Doha on September 12, 2022.

Qatar is a viable location for Bangladeshi people to work in a variety of industries. Increasing collaboration in the development of skilled labor and human resources is a concern for both countries. This has the potential to drive countries to new heights. In this regard, it is a great opportunity to enrich the workforce of Bangladesh with skills in various sectors to increase their demand.

The Labor Force exists to meet all labor standards. We have a training facility where professionals train the laborers. Our personnel are capable of doing the tasks that will be assigned to them. Although Qatar is a high-tech country, and laborers should be conversant with technology, we train them as per demand. We are a renowned manpower exporting agency that has sent a lot of workers to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf Nations. Our workers are working there with a great source of energy and talent, following proper rules and regulations.