Medical Checkup for Bangladeshi Migrant Workers

A potentiality of Bangladeshi Migrant Workers is Growing

Our Medical Center is a government-approved healthcare solution that adheres to higher moral and ethical standards in order to give the people of Bangladesh a thorough and comprehensive pharmacological intervention. We integrate clinical expertise with life improvement to optimize patient outcomes and quality of life. Our service is to create and arrange medical check-ups for migrant workers traveling to the Gulf States, Malaysia, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia according to their requirements.

This government-approved Medical Center is for:

  • Medical Checkups (pathology, microbiology, and imaging)

  • Covid-19 tests for both patients and travelers.

  • Antigen Testing (for Covid-19)

We provide medical check-up services for migrant employees in accordance with the regulations of the destination countries, assuring their health and safety concerns so that they may work in the destination countries without any barriers. Our objective is to provide comprehensive medical diagnostic services to patients at a reasonable cost while maintaining service quality and the integrity of our work.

Our medical center conducts migration health assessments for Bangladeshi migrants and provides a package of services that involve a Health assessment, vaccination, DNA sampling service, TB Diagnostic, and treatment at the Medical Center in Dhaka. We assist migratory workers with high-tech assistance in the form of fitness cards, which are shown in the destination nations. Though it is mandatory to undergo a health check-up before leaving, the charges differ per location. Furthermore, health check-up regulations differ from nation to nation in order to keep the place upright for the resources. Our doctors and nurses are capable of providing the best services in this healthcare solution.

Medical Center discourages suspected patients from coming to the lab; so remote sample collection is available solely. For visitors, we always recommend that they visit the Lab in-person to ensure compliance with the authorities. Under this healthcare center, we are now executing two (2) quarantine programs for Singapore, Covid Test for both patients and travelers, and Pathological, Microbiology, and Imaging tests.