Recruitment Policy

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Foreign commentators labeled Bangladesh as like a “bottomless basket” quickly after independence. The nation was reclassified as a lower-middle-income country in 2017. This improvement was once instituted possible through worldwide migration and remittances sent with the aid of Bangladeshi labor migrants. The influence concerning foreign employment and the resulting remittance flow additionally performed an essential position among the country’s achievement into decreasing poverty. According to the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET), a total regarding 734, 181 Bangladeshi people went in conformity with more than a few international locations all through the world between 2018, such as the Gulf, other Arab, then Southeast Asian countries. In 2017, the volume variety of Bangladeshi personnel who raised overseas remained number one. The government acknowledges the honor of the migration of providing job opportunities for Bangladeshis. In terms of recruiting possible overseas clients, labor force even adheres to the Bangladesh government’s guidelines and regulations. We, the labor-force are delighted to be a part of our country’s overseas consignment generator.

The objective of the Recruitment Policy

The Recruitment Policy’s purpose is in accordance with insuring that amount the perfect candidates are engaged through using excellent recruiting and decision methods in consequence with the Employer’s needs. The method must adhere to the norms yet decree regarding the recruiting countries as properly as Bangladesh’s migration policy. The Policy or Guidelines are designed in conformity with ensuring as migrant worker determination then hiring adheres to stated standards and upholds the Human Rights Policy, the Universal Declaration regarding Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles concerning Business and Human Rights, and the United Nations Global Compact’s 10 Universal Principles. In addition to complying together with these standards, terrific migrant employee screening or hiring are required in imitation of keeping away from human rights abuses and in accordance with giving the best candidates according to the business.


All employees, workers, and representatives of the hosting organization who are participating in the employment methodology are accountable to the Recruitment Agreement. This approach also applies in conformity with every migratory worker who may be interested.

Purpose of Recruitment Policy

The objective of the policy is to identify and choose exceptional candidates who will satisfy the necessities of the employing organization while precisely adhering to all standards and regulations of the host state, shipping country (Bangladesh), and different global laws legislating migrant workers.

Principles of Recruitment Policy

Labor force follows the principles listed below while hiring employees for a potential client. According to the policy of Labor force, open competition methods for recruiting are preferred. Through the recruiting process, Labor force ensures that the correct, suitable candidates are hired. The organization ensures that applicant recruiting is carried out in a professional manner and in accordance with the government’s migration legislation. All of the personnel of the organization who are engaged in the recruitment procedure are well-trained. The organization provides necessary training to its personnel ensuring that they are well-prepared to conduct recruiting while adhering to all applicable rules and regulations. The recruiting process must be conducted out in a way that boosts the company’s global image. The company has vowed to lead the process in an open and efficient manner, ensuring that all applicants are treated equally, and culminating in a fantastic recruitment experience. Labor force also takes every effort to keep the expense of this technique as minimal as possible. There is no third party involved in the hiring process. The majority of Labor force’s applicants come from the government’s data bank or are recruited directly through internal circulars or marketing. Throughout the recruiting process, entire guidelines/requirements/information provided by the workers hiring organization and representative are diligently followed.