Strengths of Labor Force

Work with experienced, 100% Compliance, Reliable and Result oriented International Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh.

Global and Local Coverage
The Labor Force has continually expanded our outreach in various regions like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Gulf Nations along with Bangladesh. We export resources to focus on our clients’ recruitment goals, situations, and unique position-based requirements.

Strong Partnership Ethics
Through our employment screening process, clients can take interviews as they want to for their company. This method helps to build a strong relationship with the host countries in recruitment process management.

Finding Best Match
During the recruiting process, The Labor Force identifies the top resources from Bangladesh who aspires to advance their careers in their fields of interest abroad. Its Assessment Lab helps to check their abilities and find the best matches for the local and global clients. This can result in a solid connection to increase business.

Hire Bangladeshi Professionals

The Labor Force provides a variety of distinct reasons to engage competent Bangladeshi workers for overseas recruiting.

  • Non-Commission structure

  • Global reach

  • Depth of experience

  • Consistency of service

  • Stable leadership

  • Industry specialists

  • Market leaders

  • Reputation

  • Superior sourcing strategies


  • Nearly 24 years ago, The Labor Force was founded on a simple principle — we regularly exceed expectations in our recruitment efforts about understanding and comprehending candidate and client needs and about contributing to the country’s remittance by providing meaningful and sustainable employment for millions. Fast forward to now, and this dual purpose is still valid.

  • The Labor Force walks to improve company integrity and ethics by adhering to all applicable legal requirements and labor codes.

Our Commitment
Commitment is a word that determines the fate of every organization, and it is required by all foundations. The Labor Force entered this area in 1997 intending to meet the workforce needs of various businesses through our manpower exporting service. We work hard to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with total satisfaction by adhering to ethical hiring practices and doing thorough before and post-employment screenings.

We constantly maintain ourselves ready to act on the requests of our clients. We are committed to delivering our services to our clients within the time limit specified and referring them to the best candidate based on their job description.