Hire Bangladeshi Office Boy

Work with experienced, 100% Compliance, Reliable and Result oriented International Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh.

Does your office need some attention? The Labor Force is here to assist you with a massive number of well-experienced, educated, and professional Bangladeshi office men. They are trained under close monitoring, explaining office culture and various ways of operation such as cleaning, preparing tea and coffee, distributing and sorting papers, and more.

Recruiters from Bangladesh and overseas can conduct successful interviews of office boys to assess their talents leveraging highly-skilled, experienced, and qualified instructors as part of the application screening procedures. Our instructors are skilled with various techniques. We have dispatched a large number of office boys to Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (notably Dubai), Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries for their skills in accordance with the International Labor Organization regulations (ILO).

To become more competent and proficient, we train unskilled and semi-skilled individuals with a good possibility of success. Students from Bangladesh who are interested to be professional office boy can Enroll Now in our training program and work in Bangladesh or abroad.

Bangladeshi companies can also train their unskilled and/or semi skilled office boy under our training program. For Quick contact for international, local recruitment or training programs, please contact us through WhatsApp.

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