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Are you seeking a security guard who can help to prevent auto theft, robberies, vandalization, and diverse crimes? The Labor Force has a lot of smart, educated, and professed security guards from Bangladesh that assure industrial, residential, commercial, medical, and event security, among other effects.


Our Assessment Lab is adequately fitted to put through a comprehensive applicant screening. Recruiters can negotiate a worthwhile interview with the help of our considerably expert instructor, who's capable and experienced in a miscellaneousness of security guard effectiveness including client service, communication, and defense methodologies. We also export our resources to Malaysia, the United Arab Emirate (especially Dubai), Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries in agreement with the laws and morals of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Our security guards are specialized in the following services:


We are well-known for providing outstanding training to help unskilled and semi-skilled candidates become proficient and confident. Students from Bangladesh who are interested in becoming professional security guards can Enroll Now in our training program and work in Bangladesh or overseas.

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