Bangladesh Manpower in International Job Market

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Manpower export is one of Bangladesh’s foremost significant national resources. This large stock of workforce is mainly composed of approximately 35 million people. Fortunately, Bangladesh is slowly transforming its workforce into an asset via training and skill development to compete in the global labor market. A lot of international countries are likewise in need of importing labor from other countries. Currently, Bangladesh is regarded as a good source for hiring qualified personnel in a variety of fields.

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The actual Recruitment Fees And Related Costs is unknown to most of unskilled and semi-skilled candidates employed in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries. Some good employers hired employees in Zero Recruitment Cost To Migrant Workers, which is challenging to most of the unskilled and semi-skilled workers to establish his rights. So, the Labor force has taken initiative to train, aware and educate candidates to confirm the Benefits Of Exporting Skilled Workers.